Posted: April 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

I re-purposed my old immersion chiller to make a HERMS coil.  This is used to recirculate the mash to control temperature.  The coil sits in the kettle.  The kettle is filled with water that is controlled to the desired mash temp with an electric element.  The mash water is pumped through the coil and fed back to the mash tun.  This recirculation loop warms the mash water.  At the same time, the sparge water is being heated to the mash temp.  At the end of the mash, the sparge water is raised to the mashout temp.  This effectively denatures the enzymes in the mash, and in theory locks in the sugar profile of the mash.  It is extremely useful for when you miss your mash temp (typically happens when I do a decoction mash).  I can simply start the recirculation and get the mash up to the target temp fairly quickly.


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